Redecorating & Adding New Bunk Beds For the Kids

When we first found out I was pregnant, there was so much excitement and joy! I couldn't wait to experience parenthood and couldn't wait. As my due date neared, I started nesting and decorating the baby's room and had so much fun. This was the first time I found my knack for decorating and have loved changing up our home and rooms ever since. Now that we have 2 kids and my youngest is quickly outgrowing his baby room, it's time for me to focus on the next stage, which gives me yet another opportunity to decorate!

My main goal is for my two boys to share a room. There were two things I always wanted as a child. The first was to actually share a room with my big sister and the second was to have a bunk bed. Sadly, I never got either of those things, so I'm bound and determined for my children to have both! Bunk Beds AtoZ has an amazing variety of beds that I'd never seen before. Not only was I able to find one I love, but there were many others that made my decision even more difficult.
I originally wanted twin-sized bunk beds, but then I realized you can get full-size mattresses! The only other thing I knew I wanted for sure was a slide. As if bunk beds weren't already fun, they now come with slides and some even have built-in playhouses. I found a bunk bed that is absolutely perfect for my boys! It not only has a slide and 2 full-size mattresses, but offers railing for the stairs to the top bunk. It's safe and will be fun for them.

I'm so excited about decorating a room for the boys and think they will really enjoy the transition. I'm sure the bed will definitely be an incentive for sharing a room, too. Now it's time to start planning! Wish me luck!


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