Tyson Bread Bowls Make For A Quick & Delicious Breakfast

Our family is always on the go from morning until night! My kids are very active and, from the moment they wake up, they are ready to play and start the day right. That's why it's important for them to have a delicious and filling breakfast. If I could, I'd make a full breakfast with the works, but we all know that takes time and when you are in a hurry, that's just not possible. Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls allow you to treat your family to something delicious without spending an hour over a stove top!

We went on a mission to our local Sam's Club to find and purchase Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls and were so excited to give them a try. Click HERE to view our Google+ Photo Album with all our photos from the fun shopping trip!  #TysonBreakfast

 For only $9.68, you receive 12 serving in a box. The boys, my husband included, couldn't wait to give them a try the next morning. I'm surprised he could even wait that long. We purchased the Bacon Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls, which were filled with bacon, egg and cheese.
They come wrapped in twos, so there are two bread bowls in each wrapping. This is perfect for my two boys and for me to share with my husband. Just get the wrapped Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls out of your freezer and pop them into the microwave for about 55 seconds and viola! Instant deliciousness!
Here's what they look like when you get them out of the box!
Frozen right before popping them into the microwave!
 My husband placed the two bread bowls on a plate and microwaved for 55 seconds and the end result looked sooo good!
You can see all the delicious breakfast ingredients inside the bread. The cheese is nicely melted into the eggs and bacon while the bread is lightly toasted. These bowls were perfect for little hands, so even my two year-old was able to easily grasp his and eat it.

We loved these so much that we shared with my mother-in-law, so our first box of Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls did not last very long. However, we made our way back to Sam's Club to purchase another box shortly after. You should give these a try as a quick and delicious breakfast! Our family definitely approves!

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Jen @ BigBinder said...

We had the same experience - it seemed like there were so many in the box; but somehow they were gone in just a few days!

Amy F said...

Lucky! I can't find the bacon...I want bacon!

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