1st Annual Mother's Day Gift Guide Event Coming Up On Monday

So, maybe some of you have noticed a lack of giveaways going on for the past 2 weeks! Don't worry, everyone! I'm not taking a break or slowing down. In fact, we are about to start an awesome event Monday, April 23rd. Children Teaching Mama is teaming with Happenings of the Harper Household to bring you our 1st Annual Mother's Day Gift Guide Event! It will feature the best of the best for Mamas! We know you all deserve some great gifts for Mother's Day, so we are treating you to over 20 wonderful reviews and giveaways this year, all of which are worth at least $30. Many are worth more than $100!

So, come back on Monday to find a review/giveaway listed just about every single day until Mother's Day! In the meantime, I will be posting a few giveaways that are not part of the event. Start spreading the word now. We'll have the new and revised button up by tomorrow so you can add it to your own blogs to gain extra entries. :)


Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

Super excited about this! :)

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