Save Money & Space With Uncle Bob's Self Storage

A few years ago we moved into an apartment when my husband was finishing up law school. We wanted to save money and thought that would be the best way, but we didn't take into account the lack of space. We went from a spacious house to something less than half the size! I was forced to downsize a great deal, but many items were too precious to throw out. What should we do? I started looking for storage facilities immediately.

At first the outlook was not so good. Many storage spaces were either too expensive or just not kept up very well. For my belongings, I wanted a place that was clean, safe and still affordable. Luckily, I found Uncle Bob's Self Storage, which has locations around the United States! I was so excited to find a place that fit our price range and even saved us money, so we could stay on our budget.

Uncle Bob's Self Storage stood out to us for many reasons. They offer several different sizes of storage areas and climate control. The climate control is great for items that cannot withstand heat, such as all of my family photos. We could also choose from indoor or outside access. As someone who is always looking for a great deal, self storage deals are always a plus and Uncle Bob's has many going on. For our location, we could even get 50% off the next month's rental fee! 

Having a self storage area has been such a relief for us and something we've continued to purchase throughout the years. Moving has been so much easier without so many things to take along with us each time. Plus, it's great to know my items are safely contained and my house doesn't have to be cluttered. Do you use self storage? You should look into it, especially when you find great deals like we did!


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