Top 10 Tips For Working At Home Moms

If like me you work from home, you will need to make a strict schedule to balance work and life.  If you are a mother, that balancing act might even include compromises you don’t really want to make.  Why does it have to be so hard?  Life will always be a challenge, but here are ten great ways to make sure you keep that balancing act in your best interest.

Check out these ten great tips, which include everything from housecleaning to how to budget your finances, to managing your time.   
  1. Make a schedule – This is the most important thing that you can do.  Plan a set time each day for work and for play.  If the kids are in school, this should be relatively clear-cut.  If they are still fairly young, you may need to get creative.  Oh, and use a large wall calendar to help keep everyone on track as far as activities go. 
  2. Let flexibility in – Even with a set schedule, sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you plan them.  So, why stress out when there’s nothing you can do about that?  Just remember not to compromise the needs of your kids.  Rearrange your work schedule so that you can attend to immediate issues. 
  3. Cook ahead – When you work from home, mealtime can be a challenge.  Perhaps you don’t set enough time aside to cook or prepare meals – you can’t have that with growing kids!  Try cooking two meals at once so you have lunches through the week and dinners for those busier days.  You may want to also cook meals that are easily frozen. 
  4. Get some help – There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.  Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t send your kids to day care a couple of times a week or bring in a babysitter during those busier working hours.  This will be good for both you and your brood. 
  5. Invest in some dry shampoo – This may seem like a silly tip, but trust us – it works!  If you have to get up early to get the kids to school and then meet with a client back at the house, save yourself the time.  Keep yourself presentable even when you don’t have the time! 
  6. Have a dedicated workspace – Working from home can be really rewarding, but it can also be really distracting.  Don’t set up shop at the dining room table or in the living room – use a dedicated workspace.  Convert the guest bedroom into your home office if you have to. 
  7. Do laundry in five minutes – Stop separating the clothes beyond whites and colorful garments.  Simply take those items out that will likely bleed and wash the rest on the coldest setting.  Give the load an extra spin cycle and save time on drying.  If you have kids that are old enough, let them fold their own clothes! 
  8. Make mommy friends – Working from home can get lonely.  You’re at the house most of the day and then you just see the family.  So, make mommy friends.  Take your kids on play dates and make sure to spend some grown-up time with the other adults.  Don’t let yourself get lost in the mix! 
  9. Clean in zones – Stop spending all weekend cleaning the house – spread this out through the week.  Set up “zones” and clean one each day, that way you do quick once-overs as you go.  Of course, you will still need those deep cleaning sessions, just plan them one at a time! 
  10. Be Realistic – No one ever said having a career and a family was going to be easy.  Think about your goals and be realistic.  Don’t spread yourself too thin.  Do your best, and understand that it is your best!


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