How To Get the Most Our Of Your Family Portrait Experience At JCPenney

I never took the time to have portraits taken until we had Josiah. Then I found myself at JCPenney every few months getting adorable photos. They always took the time to put the kids in several different positions and photos, taking the time to make sure we got some very good ones. In fact, most of the time the pictures were TOO good. I ended up spending more money on them because I couldn't resist. This April JCP Portraits has an awesome promotion. Pay only $20 for 6 traditional portrait sheets. You can mix and match the sizes/images, too. Plus, the sitting fee of $9 is absolutely FREE! This promo ends on April 30th, so be sure to book a sitting for this weekend. Believe me, you will not be disappointed with the quality of portraits you receive. Click here to find the coupon along with other offers. Just use the JCPenney Portrait Studio near you by the location finder by entering your zip code after click on the link above. Easy! If you can't make it this month, they almost always have a great deal going on, so check back for more coupons and sales for May, too!

So, along the way, we have definitely picked up some tricks and tips for getting the best family portraits when taking the boys. If you have kids then you probably know just how frustrating and stressful portrait sittings can be, especially when the kids hit their limit of sitting still and smiling.
From Liam's first portrait sitting!
 Here are my top 5 tips for getting the best family portraits!

1. Bring something familiar for the kids. For us, we always bring something each child is attached to. They are almost always in our family portraits, but I think it is cute and it's great to look back and remember what the stuffed animal they used to sleep with or the toy they would never leave behind. My kids have their babies they take with them, which is a fox in socks and a little beaver stuffed animal Liam carries around.

2. Bring something silly along and surprise them. The photographer can hold the item or you can hold it behind the photographer. I always make silly faces and bring a toy to hold above the photographer's head. This way they are smiling and looking straight towards the camera!
We should have gotten a pregnancy portrait!
3. Make sure they have a nap ahead of time. I like scheduling ours either in the morning right after breakfast when the kids are wide awake OR later in the afternoon after they have taken a good nap. This way you are more likely to have them in good spirits and ready for some photo-taking!

4. Pick a place you know will take the time to get a great picture and that has employees that are good with children. This completely makes all the difference in the world. If your child likes the photographer, then you are set! Even if you are having the worst sitting ever and the kids are acting horrible, a good photographer can somehow squeeze a good photo in there. This is why we love JCPenney Portrait Studio and keep going back.

5. Take the kids to do something fun afterwards. Let them know that if they are good, there will be a great reward. I'm not one for bribing my children, but I do think it is only fair that after they spend so long in dress clothes and sitting quietly that I do something fun with them. It may just be going out for pizza or to play in an arcade! That will give them incentive to be on their best behavior.

It seems like there are always special occasions and reasons to celebrate. The best way to remember them is with portraits. Be sure to take a look at my Pinterest Board with all of my Inspiration with jcpportraits! Repin some ideas if you love Pinterest as much as me! When do you plan to schedule your next portrait sitting? What's the occasion?

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fancygrlnancy said...

Great tips! I was good before, but the last year I have not kept up on professional pictures. I will have to get back into it with baby on the way. And we always take something familiar too. Jayden has pictures with his monkey and once with some sports balls.

Full Time Mama said...

Wow, that is a great price for portraits!! Usually you don't get to mix and match images either. Awesome deal!
LOVE that pic of Liam! And the pregnancy photo is super adorable too!!!

Mimi B said...

I wish I could rally my kids so we could all get our portraits taken! Sounds like an amazing deal. I appreciate your tips. Very practical!

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