A Salute to Troy Davis - R.I.P.

Here in Georgia, many of us have been waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court on the case of Troy Davis. We were waiting and hoping for a stay of execution, but it was unfortunately denied. Once more, he declared his innocence and, at 11:08pm, Troy Davis was excuted.

For those of you who do not know the story, Troy was convicted of murdering a policeman in 1989. The decision for execution was appealed multiple times over the 22 years here was on death row, but each time they failed to prove his innocence. Why are we so upset? Because Seven original witnesses from the trial recanted their testimony and another suspect confessed! Troy Davis' defense team knew this should cast enough doubt on his guilt to follow through with the execution....

But tonight, the long fight came to an end and Troy Davis is laid to rest. It's a sad day for Georgia and for our legal system that failed, once again, to set an innocent man free. I'm saddened for not only Troy and his family, but for the justice system our country is built upon.

R.I.P. Troy Davis

Click HERE to read his last released letter to the public. 


BethElderton said...

We have also been following this case. It IS a failure of our justice system. I'm from Texas and know of at least two cases where probably innocent men were put to death in that state. I am sad and sickened by this.

shannon said...

Makes me sick. If he's ever proven to be innocent, I hope his murderers face justice. All of them.

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