I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers
We upgraded our television package on www.expertsatellite.com/ just in time for the MTV Video Music Awards this year. I was shocked when I saw Lady GaGa dressed like the Fonz. A few years ago, when GaGa popped on the scene, I enjoyed her music but also thought she would be a “one hit wonder” like many pop stars. My friend, Enas, insisted that Gaga would be like a Madonna. She thought she would be someone iconic who was always in the scene. Today, I think she was right. Lady Gaga always comes up with something new and fresh. While some of her ideas and attire are attention getting and meant to shake things up, she does so in a non-threatening way. You never hear people complain that they dislike Lady Gaga for her political views or dislike her because she pushes the envelope. She is talented and does exactly what her job description calls for—entertaining. Her odd personas have helped make and keep her popular, but she is also very vocally talented. I do think that she is here to stay.


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I couldn't agree more.

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