An Exciting & Educational 1st Boy Scouts Of America Meeeting

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As a Mama, I find it very important to keep the kids out of the house and active. No video games for my kids. There are so many other wonderful ways to not only exercise the mind, but also the body. We often go hiking, camping, and fishing as a family and always I always encourage the kids to participate in extracurricular activities. That is why my son went with my nephew to a Boy Scouts of America meeting recently. They offer many activities to keep kids active and in shape and educate them in  ways that are beneficial for their future.

We attended a meeting when we were up in North Carolina visiting my parents and my nephew just happened to have a meeting one week. Josiah begged to go, so we all went, and he absolutely loved it! My nephew also loves going because they have learned so many useful skills by teaching by a hands-on method.

At the meeting, the kids learned about the importance of tying knots, especially when camping and on a boat. During the meeting, the leader taught the boys how to tie knots. First, he showed them the Six Boy Scout Knots, one by one, with examples on the board. Then, the kids got to try out the knots themselves. Then, they put the knots to use in real life situations, such as the a square knot for a wound dressing and rescuing another person with a Bowline. The boys had a great time in separate groups, learning about a specific knot and then gave a presentation, putting the knot to use. It was educational and fun for them.

I was so impressed with the meeting and am a huge fan of hands-on learning. I think children learn the best by actually doing, not just observing. I also loved that the kids were in an environment where they are treated equally and not like kids. The leader respects them and their own opinions. My son had such a great time that he can't to officially Be A Scout!

I was very surprised at how informative and educational the meeting actually was the all of us, even adults who stayed to watch. It's something we will all benefit from learning. I never knew until then just how much family can be involved with Boy Scouts and can help strengthen that family bond. My husband really looks forward to the future field trips and camping trips with my son and his troop.

I was also surprised at how involved all of the boys were. They sat, listened intently and could not have been more excited to learn something new. The leader was excellent and an inspiration to the boys, someone they can look up to as a role model.


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