How Does Your Family Stay Active? Pledge To Play With Your Kids!

We recently moved to the mountains for many reasons, but one very important reason was outside activity! Living here, there are so many options for our weekend trips and we definitely take advantage of those opportunities. As a family, we realize just how important it is to spend time together outside, to exercise, and to stay healthy! It's essential to everyone's health, mentally and physically.

We love to go down to our river, walk around, and play in the water. This has become our daily outside activity since the river is just a nice walk away from our cabin. After dinner, we put on our shoes and walk down the trails to the water. It's so nice to know we have that amount of time together no matter what. With our busy schedules, this is the one constant in our family's lives, so it's very important, especially to the children. They look forward to Papa coming home and going for our walk.

Our walk is also educational because we always point out different trees, their names, their leaves, and more. We spot fish, turtles, crawfish, etc, too. We actually recently have seen wild geese, chickens, and, this week, we saw our very first bear! It was both frightening and exciting to see the baby bear cub walking by. He was relatively unconcerned with us, but it sure has made for good storytelling! Josiah has made sure to tell everyone. It's so much fun and I've noticed Josiah talking about a walk for days afterwards and what he learned during that walk. In addition to our daily walk, we take time on weekends to go to festivals, local parks, national parks, and/or to visit relatives. With the fall season coming up, there is even more to do around here. We have Apple Festivals for weeks on end, pumpkin farms to visit, the corn maze, hay rides, and much, much more! We definitely keep busy, active, and healthy!
Even in the winter, we bundle up and head outside! I can't wait for the snow this year. Since we live further north, we will hopefully get more than the inch or two Georgia gets each year. Even Josiah has been talking about walking in the snow and making a snowman.

It's hard to imagine our family not going outdoors and staying active. I notice immediately how attitudes change when we are stuck inside on some days and the kids' overall demeanor is just so much more positive when we not only spend time outside in the fresh air, but when we do it as a family.

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