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Every once and a while, I like to post about something specifically for the Mamas and Papas out there. EdenFantasys is a website featuring a variety of adult items to suit anyone's tastes. Every December the hubs and I get to go away on our annual anniversary trip. It's nothing special and usually consists of a night away from the kiddos, but that's enough for me! It's the one night a year we are guaranteed a night full of rest and relaxation, even if we can't afford much of anything else.

Last year, I took a look around EdenFantasys before our trip to find a few fun items I knew we could definitely use. First, they have an awesome variety of candles. The ones that caught my eye were the Beeswax aromatherapy candles in a tin. They come in several fragrances. Plus, it's something we could take in our travel bag, use while gone, and bring it home to use, too! I also love the Shunga massage candle, which melts the wax as it burns and then you can use it for a nice massage. How romantic!

As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of massages. As a stay at home mom, you can imagine how tense my muscles are, so nothing's better than a nice massage when I have some time to relax. EdenFantasys has an amazing selection of massage oils. From oils which warm as they are massaged into the skin to edible varieties, they are sure to have something you would enjoy. I'm a huge fan of the Intimate Organics massage oil. I've tried it before and I love the way it smells, it works well for massage, and it doesn't leave you all greasy.

I highly recommend EdenFantasys for all of your special occasion needs! It's the first place I look before a nice getaway with the hubs. We are already planning our next anniversary trip and, believe me, I can't wait. It's fun just to look around the website and decide what we'd like to take with us on this trip. Another thing I love about the website is that it's so affordable. Unlike many of the adult websites I've stumbled across, EdenFantasys prices are in a range that I can afford and not break the bank! That's a major plus for someone on a budget.

What do you always take with you on a special night away?

This paid post was written for EdenFantasys. All opinions are 100% honest and based on my own experiences regarding the website, business and its products.


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I take with me on a special night wine sangria is delicious for a romantic evening and candles that makes everything more interesting!

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