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We just recently moved into our new cabin and I was most excited about redecorating Josiah and Liam's rooms! We rent homes since we are not in a permanent location yet, so I don't want to damage or paint the walls. I want something cute, though, which I've noticed is sometimes hard to find. When I took a look at My Wonderful Walls, I immediately fell in love with their wall stickers. Here's a little bit about the company...

About My Wonderful Walls

Michael Goins is the creator of My Wonderful Walls, along with many of the stencil kits and canvas artwork you can find on the website. He is a graphic artist and industrial designer in Tennessee. In 2007, he'd just finished hand-painting a mural in his son's room when a light bulb went off in his head. He knew other parents would enjoy hand-panting beautiful murals, too, but lacked the training and confidence, which is where his mural stencil kit idea was born!
Forest Friends Wall Mural Stencil Kit
Their products are truly one-of-a-kind, giving parents the ability to create an fun and imaginative space for their child. Even a beginner can master the mural stencil kits! As a small company, Michael and his wife, Stephanie, answer any questions you may have about your order and love that their art has found new homes. When a product is purchase, you will know it has not only been designed by them, but carefully hand-made, packed, and delivered with their personal seal of approval.
Fairy Parade 3-Piece Wall Art Canvas Set

My Thoughts

Transportation Wall Stickers Set
At our old house, we purchased cheap wall stickers for Josiah and Liam's rooms and, even though they were supposed to come off with ease, they did not at all. We ended up having to repaint Josiah's walls, which was NOT our intention. The stickers were cute, but you could tell they were stickers. This time I wanted something different, creative, and amazing throughout our entire home. Wall decor is so important and is really makes a house feel like a home.  I'm not sure what I was expecting when I selected the Transportation Wall Stickers, but they were just as amazing in person as they were on the website. Bright colors, realistic, and just plain cute! I knew the boys would absolutely love them.

My original intention was to put all of the stickers in Liam's bedroom, but there were so many stickers, I decided to expand them to the walls of the playroom, too. It's connected to Liam's room, so it all matched! Decorating was fun and easy... the most enjoyable part of moving, really. All I had to do was peel and stick the adorable stickers on the wall. Several times I put the sticker on crooked, but that was okay because you can easily pull them back off and reposition. They didn't leave a residue and didn't lose their stickiness at all.

Let me back up a minute... I didn't realize this, but the wall stickers are actually made of fabric, which is what makes them so beautiful and colorful. Also, they are made of SafeCling™ fabric, meaning they will not stretch or tear. Just like it says on the website, the wall stickers do, indeed, look like they were actually painted on the wall.

So, here are some pictures of the finished product... though keep in mind, we are still unpacking, so you may see boxes stacked. Ugh! :)
Above Liam's Crib

The hot air balloon wall (and motorcycle dresser)

Choo Choo wall space under windows. His shoes are now lined up underneath and it looks so cute!
Playroom wall #1
Playroom Wall#2

A very happy Liam in his playroom after inspecting the walls and saying "Vrooommm!"
There were so many stickers in the kit that I actually took some into Josiah's room. We used old wall stickers we still had left over for his and the theme matched with airplanes, so he wanted the rocketship, helicopter, and biplane in his room. I was actually very worried about the stickers showing up on his walls because the top 2 floors of our house are all wood, but it looks just as amazing as the others.

This entire sticker set costs $129.99 and comes with free shipping, which is such a great deal! I was so thrilled with the size of the stickers and how many there were in a set. You and the kids will love My Wonderful Walls, believe me. I have nothing but great things to say about them. I can't wait to have our own house within the next few years and try out their wall stencils.

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