New & Improved Moon Dough : Push 'n Pop Breakfast Review

Last year, I noticed a great deal on a Moon Dough item and decided to buy it for my son. He loves playing with dough and I thought this would be great. I should have read the reviews because it was such a mess! Little pieces kept flaking off no matter what we did. Even though we played on a mat, little pieces ended up all over the house. We were still finding the little flakes when we moved this summer! Needless to say, I thought I would never purchase another Moon Dough product.

Well, I received a review opportunity and decided to go for it. We received the Moon Dough Push n' Pop Breakfast Set Review set to review. The kids, of course, couldn't wait to get into it. I was a little reluctant, but when Josiah snuck and opened it, I learned how easy it was to clean up this time. Okay, I thought, this won't be so bad at all. The set comes complete with 3 push and pop tools, a twisty mold, 2 colors of Moon Dough (yellow and pink), and a cardboard place mat that looks like a table set-up.

We were all amused with the strange texture of the Moon Dough and I was overjoyed that it wasn't getting all over the place. Liam had never played with it before, so he had a blast making a delicious Moon Dough Breakfast, complete with waffles, fruit, jam, toast, and more. The kids could play with it all day. The Push n' Pop feature is great, especially for smaller kids. You just push the piece down onto the Moon Dough, pull it up and your dough is shaped.They are much easier to use than just regular molds that often come with dough.
Our delicious breakfast for Papa!
 The great thing about Moon Dough, and one of the things that originally reeled me in, is that it never dries out. You can play with it and even accidentally leave it out, but it's still good to go. We've spent so much money on other dough because the lid isn't on all the way or it gets left out.
The mess was easy to clean!
I am so impressed with the new and improved Moon Dough. It's completely odorless and doesn't fall apart everywhere. There were some little pieces to clean up, as you can see in the picture, but I just used a big piece of dough and they all stuck to it, making clean-up very simple. This was not possible with the old Moon Dough, as more pieces would fall off as you tried to pick up the other ones. lol! My faith in Moon Dough has been restored and I'm pretty sure Santa will be asked for some this coming Christmas.
A very happy Liam playing with Moon Dough
Buy It
Purchase the Moon Dough Breakfast Set on Amazon.com for $20.35 for endless hours of fun for the kids!

Disclosure: I received the Moon Dough product for review purposes and no other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.


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