Tiny Prints Has All Your Holiday Card Needs This Year

I've said this before, but I am very, very picky about the cards we get for any occasion, especially Christmas. I like getting cards that tell about the year and what the boys did along the way. I want it to share a story in pictures and for it to be personalized and completely unique to our family. This is why I love Tiny Prints. For the past two years we have only purchased from Tiny Prints because they always have a wonderful selection. We've purchased Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards and Birthday cards, too, and each time we've been more than pleased. 
We have so many family members who live far away, so our Christmas cards are a way of catching up and reuniting with our loved ones through pictures and words. I love the modern holiday cards, such as the Be Merry card with bright green and red, but now that we have kids, the Tri-fold cards are perfect for storytelling. As the card unfolds, we have pictures of the boys throughout the year and also caption them with all of the huge milestones and accomplishments. This year Josiah started preschool for the first time and Liam learned how to walk, so we've had quite a big year.
I think my favorite card for this year is International Color, a tri-fold with plenty of space for pictures and captions. We usually opt for 2 different cards since I can never decide on just one, so my other choice is definitely the Sheer Collage trifold card.

Take a look at all their wonderful holiday cards and tell me which is your favorite! I love everything about Christmas cards, from picking them out and personalizing to addressing and sending them. It always puts me in the holiday mood. Merry (early) Christmas, everyone!


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