Hot Wheels® Customs Car Review #MomSelect

If there's one thing I know about my boys it's that they love Hot Wheels cars! I'm pretty sure their toy boxes combined contain over 100 of them. So, when I heard about the new Hot Wheels Customs, I couldn't wait get one.

What is Hot Wheels Customs? 
The online program allows you to make your very own customized Hot Wheels car! With a few button clicks, you are well on your way to your one of a kind Hot Wheels creation. You can choose between four different custom creations: Hiway Hauler, Dairy Delivery, Surfin' School Bus or Passion. Upload a photo that will show up on your car, add your own message and to top it off, you can choose a design for the actual car packaging. This is sure to please as a fun present for children and collectors alike!

My Thoughts

I made a Hot Wheels Customs car for Liam's 2nd birthday and gained first-hand experience on just how easy it is to customize your own car. I chose the Dairy Delivery truck, uploaded a cute picture of Liam and put my birthday message and chose the Happy Birthday packaging. You can also choose from two other packaging designs, Happy Holidays and Made Just For You.

Both of the kids were so amazed at this Hot Wheels. Even the parents were asking how I did it and said they wanted to try it out. Liam was so excited to see his very own picture on the Dairy Delivery truck and couldn't wait to play with it. The truck has been played with almost daily and has joined the ranks of the most beloved of Hot Wheels toys. Plus, this is something he can keep for many years to come. I will probably end up putting it away in a few years to save as a keepsake.

I think this is a perfect gift idea, especially for the upcoming holidays! At only $7.99 plus shipping, it's an affordable stocking stuffer that any Hot Wheels fan will love. I have a feeling I'll be buying Josiah one in the very near future, too. He's been asking for one with his picture on it, so maybe Santa will bring him one.

Take a look at the Hot Wheels Customs website, try out the design program and see how much fun it is. You don't have to even buy the car after it's created, but it's hard to resist.

This review was written for Hot Wheels in conjunction with MomSelect. I was provided a code for a free Hot Wheels Customs car for review purposes. All opinions written are 100% mine and only mine.


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