Q100 Bert's Big Thank You- Send A Letter To Our Troops Overseas

Hi, everyone! I meant to write this earlier because I believe this is a wonderful idea. Q100, our local Atlanta radio station, has begun Bert's Big Thank You! They are trying to get 400,000 handwritten letters to send overseas to our hardworking troops. Many times our soldiers do not receive any mail on Thanksgiving, but this year, the Bert Show is trying to change this. They want each soldier to receive at least one piece of mail! They are still short about 200,000 and only have until Friday before they must be sent out!

They need your help! Please tell everyone you know about this wonderful cause. Take a few minutes to write out your heartfelt letter and send it end. Just click HERE for all the details, rules, and regulations! Josiah's entire school participated and sent in their letters, so maybe your own child's school can do the same!


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