Activia Selects Parfait Yogurt Review: A Delicious & Nutritious Snacks

As a Mama, I am constantly on the go, which means it's more difficult than ever to get a balanced meal. There was a time I counted calories and really watched what I ate, but that was pre-children. Now, even though I still eat many of the same nutritious items, I've noticed how often I end up eating other leftovers the kids don't eat. So, you aren't going to eat that chicken nugget? We can't let it go to waste!

It's amazing how quickly those leftovers catch up with you and I don't just mean pounds. I've had stomach issues I never had to deal with before. It's embarrassing to admit, but for the first time in my life I've experienced constipation and stomach aches more often. I realized something was needed to change the reoccurring issues I was having. This is why I started trying Activia Selects!

What are Activia Selects? A new selection of Activia yogurts that not only taste great, but are nutritious, too! Activia yogurts contain the probiotic culture Bifidus Regularis, which naturally helps regulate your digestive system. Give Activia Selects a try daily for two weeks as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. You will notice a difference!

My Thoughts
I decided to try out the new Activia Selects Parfait, which is a creamy yogurt blend with pieces of fruit and crunchy granola on top! There are 4 flavors: strawberry, vanilla, mixed berry and peach. I tried the vanilla and strawberry and both were absolutely delicious. I bought several so I could try them for the entire week and had to guard them! My husband became a fan, too, and kept trying to steal mine, so I had to buy more. 

These are absolutely perfect for my hectic on-the-go lifestyle as a Mama. Instead of eating something unhealthy, the Activia Selects Parfait is perfect for a nutritious snack in the middle of the day. There is a time after the children's nap when we are all hungry and tempted to eat fattening sweets that are bad for us, but now I know Activia Selects not only satisfies that temptation and is delicious, but it has definitely helped regulate my digestive system. After only 5 days, I was beginning to notice a difference. It's amazing that something so small can alter your life so much. 

I really enjoy Activia Selects Parfait and can't wait to try out all of the other Activia Selects options, which include Greek yogurt, French and French with Fruit Bites on the Bottom! Give it a try and I'm sure you'll be hooked, too! Visit the Activia website for more information on their nutritious and delicious products.

If you love these diet-friendly yogurt blends, but find that they're not quite filling enough, try sprinkling them with Sensa, which will help you feel fuller faster and stay fuller longer!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dannon Activia Selects Yogurt Series and received a coupon to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.


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