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I am very picky about the types of jeans I wear. When I was little I refused to wear them because they were uncomfortable. These days, it's trial and error. They have to be comfortable, fashionable, and fit well, too. This is why I was so excited to try Hello! SkinnyJeans. They are not only fashionable, but are created to accentuate your body, make you look thin and beautiful!

About SkinnyJeans

Do you have problems finding jeans that fit correctly? SkinnyJeans are created to be "slimming and flattering" and that's exactly what they do. Made with classic denim with high elasticity, the jeans are strong and stretchy. They never sag or stretch out, which means you don't have to wash them every time you wear because they have a memory, keeping your shape for the next wear.

The design separates thighs and boosts up the butt to show off your natural curves. The coloring and fading on the SkinnyJeans also work with your body to slim the legs. These are just some of the many reasons SkinnyJeans is the perfect jeans for creating a thin look that you've been looking for in a pair of jeans. They are also available in sizes 24-32, 34, 36, and 38 with inseams up to 37''.

My Thoughts

I've been curious about SkinnyJeans since I first heard about them. Oprah has praised them many times on her show, which is where I first saw them. I had to have a pair! I received the Nite Wash Barely Bootcut SkinnyJeans with the 33'' inseam. I slipped them on and immediately knew they felt great. I loved the dark denim. I'm not sure if they make me look skinnier, but I can definitely feel the areas where they pull in my flab, especially my tummy and thighs. The jeans look so nice, great for everyday wear, but would also look nice for going out. As someone cursed with a flat butt, I love that these actually lift up my flab and make me look like I have something going on back there.
Little Monster not included.
My only complaint was that these particular jeans were available only in 30'' and 33'' inseams, which meant either too short or too long. I chose to go long since they can be hemmed if need be, but I actually liked them long. I can wear them with high heels and they actually look hot or I can wear them with my tennis shoes and look casual. These are, by far, the most versatile pair of jeans I own.

Believe me, anyone would love these jeans. You have to try a pair. You'll be hooked just like me. I'm ready to buy another pair already.

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