Stanley GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray Review & Giveaway

Nothing annoys me more than dirty windows. Our new house has 10 windows on our main floor alone and, with two kids,  you can imagine how many fingerprints are on there after one entire day. It's unbelievable! I never knew how much work windows could be, but now our doors are floor to ceiling windows, too. Cleaning them is quite a chore and I never look forward to it. However, I had a chance to review Stanley Home Products GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray and couldn't wait to give it a try. I need all the help I can get!

About Stanley Home Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray

Effective, dual-action foam combines the powerful cleaning action of ammonia plus GrimeGuard! GrimeGuard provides an invisible shield to guard against accumulated dirt and repel water spot build-up. This protective shield keeps surfaces cleaner longer and makes on-going cleaning quick and easy. Plus, the foaming spray is non-streaking and quick drying. Just spray the surface lightly and wipe to a streak-free shine.

It can be used to clean windows, mirrors, chrome, ceramic time, porcelain, car windows and TV screens.

My Thoughts

Living up in the mountains, our windows get extremely dirty, especially in the fall when the wind picks up. The leaves are falling off of the trees and anything that hits the air also lands on our windows. It's amazing how quickly they get dirty. Not to mention, the two little monster boys dirtying the rest of the windows with their paws. This, of course, never fails to happen as soon as the windows are cleaned. I couldn't wait to give Stanley GrimGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray a try. I remember Stanley products from when I was little and how much my mom liked them, too.

I'd already tried the usual and even window wipes and they just didn't work.  When you have windows the entire length of the door, these methods just don't cut it. I needed something professional strength, that could cut through the dirt and not leave streaks. Stanley GrimGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray did an excellent job of cleaning the windows thoroughly and without streaking. This was a huge relief, especially because we had guests coming over for Liam's birthday. I'd already cleaned them twice that week and just couldn't get them looking nice. Thank goodness for Stanley Home Products. This is a wonderful, must-have item for those of us who have multiple floors and many, many windows. If I calculated correctly, we have 21 windows in our home, so you can imagine the work I've put in!! The foaming spray was easy to use and has definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend cleaning the windows. I can tell a difference in the dirt accumulated each week and think it does a great job of repelling grime.

So, are you ready to try out Stanley Home Products for yourself? Thanks to them for providing one CTM reader with their very own Stanley GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray! Now you can get those windows completely clean and streak-free!!

Giveaway ends at midnight on November 21st! Good luck!


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I would like to try the Stanley Foam Away Leather Cleaner

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I'd like to try the Grime Guard Bathroom Cleaner

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I'd love to try the EZ scrubbin brush!
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Essentials All Purpose Creme

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