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“Adult Only Wedding Receptions – Yay or Nay?  What do YOU say?”


As a Mama, I know most of the time I wouldn't be able to go to a wedding reception without my kids, so I'd just have to opt out. Babysitters are expensive, especially with more than one kid. Plus, I look back at our wedding and I can't imagine it without all the kids, my nieces, nephews and others, being there. Children love weddings- the dancing, cake, all the people! I remember being a child and getting to dress up in party dresses for weddings and I felt like a princess. Who would want to rob a child of something so special? Plus, I love watching all the children at weddings and the things they do. It's so hilarious to watch them dancing, sneaking foods, running around, and just being kids. I don't know if a wedding reception would be the same without kids.

What do you think?


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