Kindle Fire - My new obsession

Okay, I know lusting is a sin, but I'm pretty much infatuated with the newest Kindle about to hit the market in November! Have you heard about it? I've wanted to get a tablet for a few months now and, as I was about to break down and buy one for $400, I heard about the Kindle Fire!

The Kindle Fire comes out November 15th for only $199 and, unlike the past Kindles on the market, this one allows for much more than just books. You can watch movies, play apps (my obsession, Angry Birds), listen to music, read and much, much more. Bloomberg had an awesome article a few weeks ago comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad and said Apple is pretty much shaking in its boots. No kidding! The Kindle Fire is supposed to be lightening fast with vibrant colors, and at 7'', it's compact yet big enough to watch movies. This will be awesome when traveling.

I have already pre-ordered my Kindle Fire through Amazon.com and am praying I get it before Christmas! Are you getting one?Are you as excited as I am?


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