Graduation Day Memories & Tiny Prints

I look back at my high school and college graduations with nothing but fond memories. Each of those days included special events that I could never forget, like family members coming in from other states just to witness the occasion and going to eat at my favorite tapas restaurant. Yum! For my UGA graduation, it was the hottest day so far in May and all of us were suffocating on the football field with our robes and hats on. It just so happens that my husband graduated from UGA on the very same day and was on that field with me, but this was before we'd even met. Talk about coincidences!

The last graduation I went to was for my sister-in-law, as she graduated and became a teacher. I was well over 8 months pregnant with my first son and waddled around campus like a penguin for all to see. It was an exciting day for all of us and, even though I was huge, I don't remember anything but happiness and excitement for her. Although, after walking about 3 miles that day, I was praying for any signs of labor. (He arrived a month later... a week late. LOL!)

Graduation day is cherished by not only ourselves for our accomplishments, but by our families, too. Some of us thought the day would never come! I know I started to doubt I'd see the day. One thing is for certain, graduation day is a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. It's hard for me to even imagine my little boys graduating one day. I know I'll be one proud Mama!

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