Have You Heard of Listia Yet?

The other day I saw someone on facebook talk about Listia, so I got reeled in and signed up for an account to check it out. Much to my surprise, it's actually a really cool idea for a website. Listia is similar to Ebay, as all types of items are up for bidding, but not for money, for credits. You earn 450 credits just by signing up for an account and earn more credits for linking to facebook, twitter, etc. You can even list your own items for bidding to receive more credits to bid on items you like. Basically you trade items you no longer want, save credits and get something you do want! I've been surprised at the amount of awesome items up for bidding. I've seen a Coach purse, Vera Bradley bags, make-up, coupons, and much, much more.

Sign up today and receive 450 credits immediately! I've been saving up my credits for the past week and already have over 650, so they add up quickly. Let me know if you try it out and get something fun!


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