Protect Your Family With Insurance Plans

It wasn't that long ago that I lived in the moment, never thinking much about the future, but having a family definitely changes everything. I didn't even have health insurance, life insurance, burial insurance or a will! Nothing! I didn't even think about it. Of course, I still don't like thinking about death, but I want to make sure my children are taken care of if, God forbid, anything were to happen.

While looking around online, I came across affordable burial insurance rates that caught my attention. We definitely want insurance we can not only afford, but something that's right for our entire family. While searching, we even found the perfect life insurance for children, which we've come to realize is just as important as our own due to Liam's current health issues. I worry about my parents and their lack of insurance, too, so we've been researching insurance for seniors also. We thankfully found some amazing plans at affordable prices.

I know it isn't a fun subject to talk about, but you shouldn't take it lightly either. If not for yourself, think about your family members. Believe me, you can afford life insurance, even if you are on a budget! Take a look around, do your research, and find the right plans for your family.


Rachel said...

Great tips! Hard stuff to think about. My husband and I went out of town a couple of weekends ago for the very first time and we don't have a will (especially for what happens to the kids if we both happen to die) so we wrote on just in case. I came across you blog on the NPN. BTW, I started a new link up for sharing healthy ideas, suggestions, going "green" tips, etc. and I hope you'll join me next Wednesday! I thought it might be something you'd be interested in. (Healthy 2day Wednesdays) Have a great weekend!

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