Cardpool: Buy, Sell & Trade Gift Cards At Awesome Prices

Many of us are given gift cards all the time as presents, but how often have you gotten a gift card to a store or restaurant you NEVER go to? UGH! I know I have and it used to be frustrating until I found Cardpool, a gift card exchange website! Not only can you exchange your gift cards, they will you can sell them for up to 92% of retail price and buy them.  Why should you buy your gift cards at Cardpool? Because they sell discount gift cards, which means you can purchase them for up to 25% off retail price. So, you never have to purchase gift cards at retail price again! That is certainly right up my alley, as I'm always looking for sales!

In addition to the many store and restaurant gift cards, Cardpool also sells itunes gift cards! My nephew always wants these for holidays and now I can get them at a great price, which means more credits for him!

Save Even More Money!
First, sign up for Ebates if you haven't already. You will get $5 just for signing up. Then, use Ebates when purchasing items with your gift cards to receive a cashback! Next, search for coupon codes and free shipping deals when using your gift cards to maximize savings! The options are limitless!


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