Verizon FiOS- Paving The Way In Technology

As a Mom on the go, I rarely have time to watch tv during the day and NEVER get to watch shows at night that I would love to see.The only time I can actually sit still and enjoy tv is after the kids are asleep. I used to rent movies to watch at this time, but now there is something even better- Verizon FiOS.

 What is the Verizon FiOS? In short, TV, Internet, and Telephone services. It is MANY things with many options, which is why it's so great. My very favorite feature is the FiOS Internet with the Flex View option. With an amazingly fast internet speed, you can stream videos on your desktop, laptop AND Mobile devices. You can use the service anywhere at any time! With over 24,000 titles already available, you'll always be able to find something interesting to watch. I'll be using it mostly for myself, but it will definitely come in handy on vacations, rainy days, and other times I need to entertain the kids in a hurry.

I value the time I have to myself and there is nothing I hate more than dealing with a slow internet connection that makes me work to watch a movie or show. Verizon FiOS is fast and dependable. I've never heard anything negative said about their services, which is more than I can say for most others! I've tried a few other services myself and they have their good points, but are sometimes very slow.

The other service I really like is the Verizon FiOS TV and HDTV. Okay, I've had regular cable for many years and, believe me, once you switch to HDTV, you will NEVER want to go back. It's amazingly clear to the point where you can notice things you never would have before. That little dot turns into a clearly visible golf ball. The Verizon fiber optics enhance the tv experience. The coolest thing for those of us who love social media sites? You can post updates and such on Facebook and Twitter!

It's amazing how truly advanced technology has become! I'm ready to move up in the world of technology and Verizon is definitely paving the way for those of us who are not as technologically advanced and apt. Verizon FiOS TV and Internet are both easy to use, too. There's really nothing more that I could ask for in a service like this! Now, it's time for me to get back to my movie. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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