Mother's Day Happiness

I don't think I've mentioned this, but many new things have begun springing into action at our house. First, our garden is finally in bloom, with a few ripe strawberries and flowers! Secondly, the boys seem to be growing just as quickly as the weeds in our garden. Lastly, it is the season for kittens. Yes, I said kittens.

Around Christmas, two little kittens showed up in our neighborhood and were quickly adopted by anyone who laid eyes on them. They loved playing with the boys and also loved that I fed them occasionally. Josiah named the black kitten Cleo (from Clifford, though I always think of the old psychic network commercials with Miss Cleo) and the orange kitty Jackson (I have no idea where that came from, especially since Jackson is a girl).

As time passed by, the little kitties grew and grew...and grew. So much that I knew Cleo was pregnant. Oh no, I thought. What would my husband think? He is not a cat person and doesn't even like us bring pets inside for a few minutes. What would happen? While he was at work, Cleo pawed at the back door about 5 weeks ago and was meowing up a storm. I knew it was time for the kittens to arrive.

We put together a little bed with a box and blankets just in time for the first kitten to come into this world. Josiah was utterly transfixed. This is how babies are born? I could tell the gears were really turning as he watched all the babies being born. All 4 kittens were born small, but healthy and Cleo was one happy, purring Mama.

On Friday, Jackson shows up after disappearing for about a week and she's about to pop! Yep, for some reason our home has become the kitty hospital of the neighborhood. How exactly this happened, I'll never know. Jackson gave birth to 3 big kittens, one is black with orange stripes, something I've never seen before.

So, how has my husband responded to all of the kittens? Amazingly, he has helped me feed them, change towels, and keep them happy. Cleo's kittens are almost big enough to be adopted and we already have 2 placed in great homes and one will stay with us! Having the little kittens has been an amazing feeling, not only for the new Mamas, Cleo and Jackson, but for this Mama. Seeing them so happy, purring and taking care of their little ones reminds me how lucky we all are to have our little ones safe and sound.

On this Mother's Day I am so happy and grateful for my little family and all of our newly adopted kitties. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there! May you be loved, blessed, and enjoy a wonderful day with your children.

Happy Mother's Day!


Lee-Ann said...

Awww, I want to see pictures of the little fur balls! Happy Mother's Day!

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