Yes, I'm A Proud Mama! Liam's 1st Neurosurgeon Appointment A Success

Yesterday we went to Liam's very first neurosurgeon appointment with Dr. Boydston, a pediatric neurosurgeon who specializes in NF (a disorder Liam has been diagnosed with). I was so very nervous, from the time we left our home until the end of the appointment, but Liam was quite the opposite. He was so energetic, happy and excited to be on an adventure with Mama! All the way to the appointment (an hour drive) he sung to me, clapped, pointed out cars, trees, birds and anything else he could spot, and was having a blast and being silly.

Once we arrived at the dr.'s office, we were in for a wait, as usual. Sitting in the waiting room for about 1.5 hours, Liam never seemed to notice or care. He waved at all the people coming to and from their appointments, said "Hi" and "Bye", sung, pointed at the "choo-choo" on tv, and had to play with all the toys. The nurses said he had been entertaining them the entire time he was there and I noticed so many people's faces light up as he waved and spoke to them.

Finally, we were taken to our room to wait for Dr. Boydston. Liam's usual response to doctors has not been very positive since they are always probing him and making him lie down on the table with the crunchy paper that he can't stand, but he loved Dr. Boydston. He talked to him, pointed at his eyes, nose, ears, hair, teeth, etc. The doctor remarked at how smart and happy Liam was and I had to agree!

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!
So, why did I write about this visit? Because it's the perfect way to describe why I'm so very proud of my brave little boy. No matter what he has already been through with testing and visiting doctor after doctor, he remains a happy and lively little boy. From the moment we left our home he did his best to make me laugh, to keep me optimistic, and to remember how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little man. His love of life and his happiness is absolutely contagious, as all the nurses and even the doctor mentioned. It's true! No matter how bad my day is or what we have gone through, one hug or smile from Liam and I'm revived and ready to take on the world.

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