Children's Toys

Beautifully handcrafted toys for children that encourage creative and imaginative play. The Road Grader features moveable parts for extra fun play in the sand or dirt. My boys love this one! (Ages 12 Months+)

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Weebles Treehouse -- Playskool (price: $29.99)

Weebles wobbles, but they don't fall down! These timeless classics are back and with many new fun playsets. The Weebles Treehouse has several features, including a slide, escalator, and music! This one is a favorite at our house. (Ages 18 Months+)

ImagiPLAY BeadMaze Flower -- ImagiPLAY (price: $12.99)

This high-quality educational toy by ImagiPLAY helps develop eye-hand coordination, color & shape recognition, and visual tracking skills. It's the perfect size for on-the-go play, in a carseat or stroller. (Ages 2+)

Furry Frenzies -- Hasbro (price: $7.99)

Zippy "Zip" McNutty
These adorable furry creatures put Zhu Zhu Pets to shame. They make cute noises while wheeling around the room, entertaining kids for hours. Purchase the matching accessories, such as the Whirl Around Playground for even more fun! (Ages 3+)

Tonka Strong Arm Garbage Truck -- Funrise Toys (price: $24.95)

This rough and rugged truck features a multi-action trigger-lever to make imaginative play even more realistic. No batteries are needed for this kid-powered truck that lights up and dumps garbage just like a real garbage truck! Tonka Strong Arm Trucks are also available as a fire truck, bulldozer, mighty fire engine, and a dump truck.  (Ages 3+)

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Step 2 Real Projects Workshop Play Center -- CSN Stores (price $69.99)

Encourages imaginative and creative play with a realistic "wood" project workbench. The workbench comes complete with tools and a 65-piece assessory set with an electric drill, drill bits, screws, nuts, a hammer and 42 Durafoam "wood pieces to put together projects! This workshop will keep kids entertained for hours at a time.  (Ages 3+)

Glob Natural Paints (price: $12.00)

Glob Natural Paints are non-toxic, all-natural paints made of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Just add water to the Glob packets of powder to create a fun, all-natural art-time with kids! They are fun to make, paint with, and, if you don't use them all, store in the fridge until the next use! (Ages 3+)

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Mary's Softdough is made of non-toxic and natural ingredients.  Mary's unique softdough comes in several varieties, such as scented softdough, naturally scented dough, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, classic colors and rainbow tubs! The kids will love Mary's Softdough! (Ages 3+)

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Clementine Art Supplies -- Atlantis Naturally (price: $5.49 and up)

Clementine Art produces natural and earth-friendly alternative for art-time! Try the Soy Crayons and Natural Markers, Paints and more. Have a great time and be eco-conscious. (Ages 3+)

Leapfrog Click N' Create Digital Camera -- Leapfrog (price: $49.99)

A durable children's camera that actually takes decent pictures! The Leapfrog Click N' Create Camera comes with a computer program for kids to upload their pictures, view them, and edit them! (Ages 4+)

Slooh Space Camera Launch Cards -- Edu Science (price: $6.95 per launch card)

Does your child love looking at stars and constellations or learning about planets? Slooh Space Cards allow kids to explore outer space from a live conservatory on their own home computer! Just login and get ready for a journey to the stars and planets! Zoom in to see parts of space you never imagined. Slooh cards also allow children to go on fun, educational special missions. Adults will love these, too! (Ages 8+)

Karate Kids Home Fitness Program -- (price: $9.95)

Created by World Karate Champion, Robert Tallack, Karate Kids Home Fitness Program works to get kids off the couch, in shape, and gives them the confidence and motivation needed to succeed! The program includes 3 months of 25-minute lessons, online access the informational website, and a Kids Members Kit.

GIANTmicrobes -- (Prices starting at $8.99)

Stuffed animals that look like common microbes, only cuter! These stuffed animals are soft, cuddly, and educational. Great for kids and adults! (Ages 4+)

PrintableSantaLetters.com -- (Prices Starting at $3.99)

Surprise your little one with their own letter from Santa. The website helps you create a personalized letter from Santa, Rudolph, and much more. Then, you can just print them out on your home computer. It's that easy and your kids will absolutely love it. The letters make for great keepsakes, too. 

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