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Botanical Paperworks Thought Plotters & Journals -- Botanical Paperworks (price: $14.95 & up)

What sets Botanical Paperworks products apart from others is that they are made with North American Wildflower seeds. So, instead of throwing the paper away after use, plant it in the ground for some beautiful wildflowers! The Thought Plotters and Journals are made of cotton and post-consumer waste and completely tree-free, just like the other products, and make wonderful stocking stuffers and gifts.

Zuvo Water Filtration System -- Zuvo (price: $299.99)

An eco-friendly water purification system which uses a 5-step process, including UV filtration to clean water and leave it tasting more delicious than ever before. Buy one of these and you'll never look back! Above-counter and below-counter Zuvo systems are available.

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Miessence Organic Cosmetics, Skin Care, Hair care, and Body Care (for adults, children, and babies)

Miessence is the first comprehensive range of organic products for the entire family. All items are made of high quality ingredients and certified completely organic. Try out their wonderful line baby products including a cloth wipe wash!

The Family Dinner by Laurie David -- Grand Central Life & Style (price: $29.79)

The Family Dinner is filled with interesting family stories about many famous actors, writers, and singers! In addition, the book contains a variety of delicious recipes and encourages bring back eating at the dinner table as a family. It's a great read and makes for a perfect Christmas present!

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Picaboo offers an excellent photo service, including photo books, cards, and calendars. It is, by far, the most unique and comprehensive photo program I've used and I highly recommend it. Photo books and calendars make absolutel wonderful presents!

Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook by Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman -- Little, Brown and Company (price: $29.99)

One of the most well-known restaurants in New York now has their own cookbook. Filled to the brim with scrumptious recipes, anyone who loves to bake will love this book.

5 Ingredient Fix by Claire Robinson -- Grand Central Life & Style (price $19.79)

You've probably seen Claire Robinson on her two Food Network shows. She's known for creating simple, yet delicious  and elegant meals, which are perfect for a family on the go. 

Bella Taylor Quilted Handbags -- Quilted Classics (price: $16.95 and up)

Renaissance Print
Bella Taylor handbags come in many different prints, made of 100% cotton, and are made of quality materials. Bella Taylor brand is not only affordable, but very popular amongst quilted handbag lovers! They are beautiful! Check out Quilted Classics for a wide variety of quilted handbags, diaper bags, and much, much more!

70'' X 53'' Photo Blankets by Photo Weavers (Price: $99.00)

A unique website allowing you to create beautiful and memorable photo blankets for your loved ones. Use up to four pictures and choose from a variety of other backgrounds and designs to make your blanket one of a kind.

Personalized Photo Gifts -- Rite Aid (Prices Starting at $12.99)

Rite Aid provides a variety of photo services, including personalized photo gifts. Make a picture into a gift that lasts a lifetime. With presents from shirts to pillows, and desk organizers and clocks, these gifts are perfect for just about anyone!

Chick-fil-a Cowlendars -- (Price $6.00)

Each year Chick-Fil-A sells a brand new Cow-filled calendar with creative and hilarious scenes. This year's theme features the famous cows as part of our favorite reality tv shows! Each month also has a different coupon, totalling over $30 in coupons! Buy them at a Chick-fil-a near you or online.

NutraMinC RE9 -- Arbonne Swiss Skincare Products

Arbonne products are made of pure, beneficial, and safe ingredients to heal skin and make it glow. Their 6-Step Skin System works to nourish and restore skin and reducing signs of aging in the process. Yes, it really works and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Scentsy Warmers and Plug-Ins -- (Prices Starting at $19.00)

Scentsy products include warmers to sit on countertops or smaller plug-ins that heat scented wax to make your home smell wonderful. Choose from a variety of beautifully styled warmers to match your personality and home.

Romertopf Clay Pots -- Green Cookware Online (Prices Starting At $10)

The clay pot has been used for cooking for thousands of years. You soak the clay pot in water before use, which allows food to stay moist during cooking. Food cooked in clay pots is not only tasty, but healthy because extra fats and oils! These make wonderful unique gifts and are very useful in the kitchen.


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