Spotlight #3 April @ Wee Little Changes

Two days ago I posted a review of Wee Little Changes, another of my very favorite online cloth diapering shops! The first time I looked at the website, I absolutely loved it and was hooked. Plus, Wee Little Changes offers free standard shipping on all orders! Exchanging emails with the owner, April, I learned that her business was not only a job to her, but a passion. She works very hard to find the best products for her customers and endorses only items she has tried and loves!
After her 3rd child was born, April turned to cloth diapers when her son was diagnosed with eczema. She started trying different types of cloth diapers and, like so many of us, she was hooked! With her love of cloth diapers and encouraging others to give them a try, Wee Little Changes developed.

As a Mama of three living in coastal North Carolina, one of my most favorite places, April has her hands full, but says life is good! Her business is doing well and, more importantly, she loves meeting new Mamas and networking.

Q & A with April

  1. What's the hardest part about starting up your own business?
Having Guts! It's one thing to dream it, but another to actually get the courage up to go for it. I wish I had waited until all of my children were in school before I started this adventure, though, because it really takes away a lot of time from our family at this point.

  1. What do you wish you had known when you first started your business?
I thought I'd like fill a couple orders a day and that would be it, but, the reality is that I spent minutes on this task daily and spend hours corresponding with people. The social networking is great for small businesses with a very modest advertising budget, but it is very time consuming!

  1. Do you have any advice for Mamas wanting to enter the business world?
Think it all through and really evaluate how much free time you actually have. Do you need one more thing that you have to do? If you answered yes, go for it!

April offers some great words of wisdom. It's amazing how much time simple tasks take each day and adding one more item to the list can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have children! I often wish there were a few more hours in a day just so I could finish...or get close to finishing everything!!

I addition to everything this Mama does each day, she also strives to be green. Not only does she sell and use cloth diapers, but she also sells reusable snack bags, organic skincare, mama cloth, and more! Wee Little Changes also reuses all of their packaging materials and plan to soon email customer receipts to reduce the amount of paper used!

Thanks, April, for all of your hard work and dedication to the cloth diapering community!


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