Sound Beginnings Review

Being pregnant is a wonderful and amazing experience full of the unexpected and unknown. There is no way to even describe the joy you feel with the first kick and the first time you see your baby on the ultrasound moving around or sucking her thumb. We've always read, sung, and played music for the babies when they were in the womb. One of my most favorite things the Hubs did was kiss my belly every night and every morning before going to work. Why did we do this? Because it just felt right, because we loved those little boys before we even met them, and because we've always read to do so for the baby.

Scientists have proven that, by 8 months, the fetus is, indeed able to hear your muffled voice and other noises! The auditory system, along with memory processes, at 30 weeks are very well developed and this becomes a time when baby gets familiar with Mama and Daddy's voices! It's amazing to think something so small is already so intelligent. Sound Beginnings by Creative Baby was developed with these exact facts in mind.

Do you have an iPod and often listen to music with earphones? Why not allow your baby to listen, too? Sound Beginnings was developed in 2009 to help "facilitate the bonding process between parents, family members and baby-to-be". It's designed to allow baby to listen to music, along with you, but at a safe, comfortable level for them. A very special feature designed just for Sound Beginnings gives you the ability to record messages for baby, save them as MP3 files, and play them for baby.

My Thoughts
Sound Beginnings is such a wonderful idea and I wish I'd known about this when I was pregnant with the boys! We had a device which allowed us to hear the baby's heartbeat and we could hear him moving around, but this invention is amazing! I'm constantly listening to my iPod, to the radio, or music on the tv and have always been a big fan. I've always wanted my children to hear and know a wide variety of music, which is why I always played so much during my pregnancies. Sound Beginnings would have been absolutely perfect for us.

The stretchy white belly band (made of lycra and nylon) included fits very snug (you choose your size) and comfortably around the tummy and has a little pocket that holds the ipod (it also works with other MP3 devices).  The picture above is what it looks like before putting it on. Although the band I received is white, they also come in black and nude. I was a little skeptical about the device and it's ability to provide a minimal level of sound to the baby while playing my usual loud music through my earphones, but, true to the instructions, you cannot even hear the music transmitted to the womb. You just attach the splitter (pictured to the right) to the headphones and Sound Beginnings is hooked up and ready to go.

My favorite part of this awesome product is something called Sound Delivery, a program provided on the Sound Beginnings website. Sound Delivery allows you to dial up a 1-800 number to record your own messages for the baby! The messages are saved to your account and can be downloaded onto your MP3 player to let the baby hear. How cool! If you aren't very technologically inclined, don't worry! The website has every possible instruction, making the entire process very simple. It seriously only takes a few minutes!

I highly recommend Sound Beginnings for any parents-to-be. I absolutely believe the baby can hear the music and that they also respond accordingly. Just as we listen to music to sooth us, surely the baby is affected as well! Hearing Mama's voice is equally important, in my opinion so, why not do something fun that allows you to already bond with your baby? It doesn't take a lot of work, just attach and you are ready! Plus, a 1-year warranty is included with purchase!

Buy It
Are you ready to try Sound Beginnings or purchase one for a Mama-to-be? Purchase one today on Amazon.com for $49.99! (Available in size B (pre-pregnancy pant size of 4,6,8) or size C (pre-pregnancy pant size of 10, 12, 14).

This review was received as part of a review campaign from The Family Review Network and Creative Baby. No compensation was given for the writing of this review. All opinions are completely and 100% mine.


fancygrlnancy said...

That is awesome.. I want one.. well for when I get pregnant again. When my little J was in my belly I used to play the music on my cell phone MP3 and put it on my belly when I was at my desk. He LOVES music.. think this has to do with that.

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