Tis the Season... for Holiday Cards!

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I've been looking around the internet for Christmas cards. There are so many places online to purchase cards, but many are extremely expensive, costing upwards of $50 for only 25! This past June was Josiah's 3rd birthday and I actually purchased his birthday party invitations at Shutterfly. I wanted cards that allowed us to include a photo and Shutterfly has an amazing amount of options! We ended up chosing the "Rockets Away Blue" birthday invitation and it was perfect... and only about $1.12 each. Not bad at all!

We'll definitely be purchasing cards from Shutterfly in the future, as we've also purchased many other items in the past, including their photo books, which make great Christmas presents. Anyways, I was looking through their Christmas cards and Holiday photo cards when I realized how difficult it was going to be to narrow down my selection to just one card. Then, I thought, I don't have to! Why not choose two cards and change things up a little?

Seasonal Chic 2010
I knew I wanted folded cards with at least 3 photos so, I narrowed down my search to 48 cards before the real search began. I love reds and blues for the holiday season so, the first that caught my eye was the Seasonal Chic Christmas 2010 card with a dark red, blue, and brown. Then, as I scrolled down, I noticed cards that allowed many pictures. I love pictures, especially when I get to show off my boys so, the more the better. My second pick became the Tree of Hope American Lung Association Holiday card, with 5 pictures and a cute Christmas tree in the middle. Plus, 10% of the purchase will go to the American Lung Association.

Shutterfly also offers a variety of other holiday products, such as Christmas party invitations and gift tags, too. Take a look at their awesome selection and purchase your cards from them. They always have some sort of sale going on so you are sure to get some kind of discount!

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