Snack Taxi Review

Recently I've tried to cut down on the amount of plastic bags we use and after reviewing Kids Konserve, I went looking for other reusable container options. We often pack lunches and snacks when we are on the go for both kids so, I was so excited when I found Snack Taxi products! Snack Taxi was invented by a Mama who had three kids in school and wanted to cut down on the amount of trash and plastic ziplock bags they used. Made from a workshop in the owner, Erin's, home, Snack Taxi products reusable bags come in a variety of fun, creative prints. Their products range from reusable snack and sandwich sacks to produce sacks and cloth napkins! Snack Taxi has all the possible sacks and reusable items you will need in a lunchbox without the waste usually created by them!

My Thoughts

As a parent, it's became so obvious how many plastic bags are used each day. They add up so quickly that, even the plastic bags we use now are reused until they have holes. I've realized they can be washed in a dishwasher on the top rack and work just as well the second time around. However, I prefer the more environmentally friendly, cloth reusable sacks and bags to plastic... and they are also much safer with babies and small children in the home.

Snack Taxi definitely caught my eye because each of the sacks are made of cloth and all the products come in several different prints appropriate for boys, girls, and adults! They are great for all ages and there are so many prints that you are sure to find something you like. It took me so long to choose which print I liked the best, but I finally choose the Toadstools. The Snack Taxi prints are constantly changing and, since I received them about a month ago, the Toadstool print is no longer available through their website, but there are many new prints now, too! Below is a picture of my new favorite print, called Gnoming Around. Isn't it cute?

Gnoming Around print
I love that there are so many options of prints, which makes them a perfect present. Anyone could use these and that's exactly why they appeal to me so much. The quality is great so, I know they are going to last for years and years. The inside has vinyl so you can pack fruits and veggies, in addition to sandwiches and dryer snack option. They are also machine washable. I plan on buying many more once the kids start school and they'll be able to pick their own favorite prints, too. They will love picking their own. Plus, there is also the make-your-own-taxi option, giving kids the freedom to draw whatever they please. The kit comes with 6 sacks and markers so, this is a great idea for art time or a party, too!

I recommend Snack Taxi for any family and even Mama's to be. They fit perfectly in a purse, diaper bag, or lunchbox. We keep one in our diaper bag at all times because you never know when you'll need it.

Buy It
Are you ready to purchase some Snack Taxi sacks of your own? Buy one, two, or even buy them in bulk today at the Snack Taxi Shop!
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I was provided two Snack Taxi sacks in order to properly write the review. No other compensation was received. All written opinions are 100% mine and only mine.


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