Spotlight Post #1: The Mama Behind Diaper Junction

I've made many a purchase from Diaper Junction, an advocate for the cloth diapering community and a wonderful online store with a wide variety of baby and Mama items, but who's the Mama behind the scenes?

Bryana Guckin

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

My name is Bryana Guckin. I am a mother to 3 wonderful girls ages 16, 10, and 8 and a wife to a recently retired Navy man. I live in Virginia Beach, VA where I was born and raised. Although our children are now out of diapers, my love for and belief in cloth diapers has continued. I am lucky to have friends and family (including a 5 month old niece!) that I get to test new diapering products on. 

What First Inspired You to Go Into the Cloth Diaper Business?

 I stumbled across cloth diapers when my middle daughter about 16 months old and I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  I wasn’t successful with breastfeeding my older two children and I was determined to get it right with my youngest.
I had read that cloth diapers were a good tool in helping mom determine that diapers were wet and that baby was getting enough to eat. I began my research on cloth diapers and found out about the economical advantages of cloth. Since I was going to have two children in diapers, I thought it would be a great way to save some money. I must have researched for weeks before I finally got up the nerve to buy something. I purchased a few different diapers all in different styles and began cloth diapering my middle daughter part time in the evenings since I worked full time during the day. After a short time I narrowed down the one I liked best, jumped in, and purchased a full time stash for my two children.
After my youngest daughter arrived and I began cloth diapering full time (I was lucky to have a caregiver who would use my cloth). I must have talked about cloth diapers all the time because my friends and family started telling me I should sell them.

 Bryana first started out hosting local "Diaper Parties", but realized she would need to do something different to get money coming in. That's when she started her first online business, Smartie Pants Diapers. Some sales came in, but they were slow so, she decided to put her time into her two interests: family and cloth diapering. Bryana quit her job and pursued her cloth diapering business full-time.
A view of the warehouse!
Two stores later, she is now the owner of Diaper Junction, a cloth diapering store which many of us in the cloth diapering community are very fond. Starting out as a one woman show, her business has now expanded to include 6 employees, two of which are Work At Home Moms!

Look at all that Rockin' Green in the picture! Wouldn't you love to run through that warehouse for a while? I'm so jealous!!
Children Teaching Mama Comments

Last year we really started getting into cloth diapering. Diaper Junction was one of the first places I bought cloth diapers. I was impressed with the service and the wide variety of choices. I tried diapers I wouldn't normally have tried, like Tweedlebugs, and ended up loving them.
The Diaper Junction Showroom!
Diaper Junction also offers Stash Cash, credit earned from purchases that can be used on future purchases! 250 points is equal to $10 credit and, believe me, the Stash Cash adds up very quickly. In addition, earn some extra money by becoming a member of the Diaper Junction Affiliate Program. For each sale you refer, you get a percentage of it! All you need to do is place a button on your blog and wait for orders and money to come.

Bryana definitely has a lot on her plate and we thank her for her commitment to the cloth diapering community! Here's to a hardworking Mama who had a vision and made it a reality!


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