GLOB Natural Paints Review & Discount Code

 We love art-time at our house and struggle to find natural alternatives to make our art projects fun. Even the so-called non-toxic paints found at most stores aren't completely non-toxic.  They can cause irritations and reactions. Did you know that art & craft paints are exempt from consumer paint lead laws? They can contain any number of outrageous chemicals, from lead to formaldehyde. Eck! Looking for an alternative , natural paint online, I came across the GLOB Natural Paints website.

Created with the idea of sustainability, GLOB all-natural paints are biodegradable, non-toxic, and completely environmentally friendly. A friend inspired the founder, Ashley, to create GLOB paints when he brought over a paint made of cactus nectar. What other fruits, vegetables, and flowers would also create beautiful, natural colors? Ashley would soon find out! 

Each of the six paint colors are named after their actual ingredients. What fruit would create the color orange? A tangerine, of course! How about blue? Blueberries! Talk about art imitating life! Kids and adults will get a kick out of art-time with these paints, which come in powder form. All you do is add water to the powder to create instant fun!

My Thoughts

Josiah couldn't wait to try out the paints, so we got to work. I read on the paint packets that, if all of the paint was not used, it could be stored in the fridge so, I looked  in the pantry and found the perfect containers. I have several  2-oz. reusable puree freezer cubes with attached lids that are the perfect size. Plus, it comes with a tray to hold the cubes into place, which is great when little ones are using paintbrushes! Anyway, I added the paint powders and water, closed the lids, and Josiah and I jumped around the kitchen laughing, shaking and mixing up the paints!

I was amazed at how the dull colored powder immediately turned into vibrant colors when water was added. Pomegranate, with it's deep red color, looked and smelled just like a pomegranate. All of the paints smelled faintly of their natural ingredients! When mixing, I just added water until the mixture was the consistency that I liked.

Josiah absolutely loved the GLOB paints and made several different colorful paintings. I painted, too, while Liam sat close by, watching intently. I even let Liam paint since I knew the ingredients were non-toxic! 

'Siah the Silly Painting Away!

The next time we mixed some GLOB paint, we found another use- fingerpainting! We love making messes during art-time, so this was a big hit for the boys. I also found that, since the ingredients are natural, clean up was very easy. Even when it got on our floors and dried, I just sprayed it with some castile soap and it immediately wiped up.
Josiah & Mama's Masterpiece!

Josiah gives GLOB Natural Paints two berry blue paint-covered thumbs up! We'll definitely be purchasing these again for ourselves and as presents! Any child would love painting with GLOB and, since they are natural, Josiah enjoyed being able to paint without getting Mama's permission. He just got his art supplies out, along with the paints in the fridge, and got to work painting another masterpiece! Mr. Independent really liked that aspect.

Buy It!
Are you ready to purchase some Glob Natural Paints for your little ones? All the paints and kits are very reasonably priced, starting at only $12 for a pack of 6 paints! We've painted 3 times so far and still have some left so, you will definitely get your money's worth! Plus, Children Teaching Mama readers will receive a 10% discount on their first purchase with code: GLOBLOG !


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