Winners Galore!

Sorry for the delay in posting winners, but I've had a few people not confirm their email addresses!  Remember, everyone, that once you receive an email that you've won, you MUST respond within 48 hours to receive the prize! I'm sorry to anyone who missed out. Rest assure I contact winners as soon as the giveaway is closed, but feel free to email me if I procrastinate again. I'll try to be better about posting winners earlier!

Here are the winners:  

Simply Organica Giveaway Winner... Khrys (Mom of 3 Dolls)

CSN Stores Giveaway Winner... Vickie B
Little Beetle Winner... rasmith0506Rebecca

Mary's Soft Dough Winners (2).... Chany & Judy

Sinus Buster Winner: Chany

I am about to redraw for the winners of the Attune Chocolate Bars & The Large Poster Giveaways so, check your inbox this afternoon!

 Congrats to ALL the Winners!!!


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