New Features Make It Easier To Enter Giveaways & Comment!

Hi, everyone! It has recently been brought to my attention that commenting and entering giveaways on the blog was a little difficult since it brings up a totally different window and requires a verification code! Well, those days are gone! From this point, when you hit to post a comment, a window will pop up AND there will be no verification code!
Hopefully that will be easier for everyone... and encourage you to register for more giveaways! :)

Also, a few more reviews and giveaways will be posted for the 1st Birthday Celebration, some of which are my biggest giveaways yet! Don't forget BLOGMANIA coming up next Wednesday, September 15th! Click here to read about the sponsors AND for a chance to earn 5 extra entries! Come join my All-Natural Baby Party with a great gift package worth over $100! Then we'll start getting ready for October, an even bigger event with some great sponsors... and lots of cloth diapers for everyone! I'll comment more on that later!

Have a wonderful weekend!! If anyone has any other request and/or comments about my blogs and improvements that should be made, please don't hesitate to tell me. :) I welcome all comments!


stacythemagnificentmommy said...

thank you! =)

Jess said...

You ROCK Roxanne! ;)

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

I actually prefer pop-up kind of comments.

Happy Girl. said...

Love your blog, follow you on GFC!

bukaeyes said...
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sara said...

WOW! Great blog. I have been following you on twitter. I am a new blog follower! Looking forward to reading.


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