Blogmania Sponsors & Extra Entries Announcement

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post about Blogmania since it's been a while. The Blogmania event occurs next month and will be an extravaganza of hundreds giveaway events and thousands of dollars in prizes! Mark September 15th & 16th on the calendar and get ready! Each participating blog has a specific event theme. Mine is "An All-Natural Baby Party!" and will feature a wide variety of organic and eco-friendly companies and products for babies!

I'm not announcing the actual products for the giveaways, but I will share the list of sponsors! I bet you can figure out some of the giveaway prizes! :) You will be very happy with the line-up, featuring some of the biggest items given away on my blog!

Here are the sponsors!

Silikids was created by two Mamas concerned about the use of toxic materials in baby and children. Their company produces safe, clean, and hygienic accessories out of silicone! Why silicone? It's non-porous and cannot hide bacteria, can be boiled and sterilized, and is recyclable!

Pediped is dedicated to making comfortable, quality, and stylish shoes. Pediped infant shoes mimic walking barefoot, providing them with soft leather-soled shoes as recommended by pediatricians.

Kushies has grown from a company once producing doll clothes to a market leader in over 35 countries, now producing cloth diapers, clothing, baby accessories, and more!

Ecomom's goal is to empower women to make healthier, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle. Ecomom is committed to providing eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. In addition to the wonderful selection of products, Ecomom provides a forum to learn more about eco-conscious living and to pass on your own experiences!

Bummas cloth wipes were created as an alternative to commercial wet wipes that can often leave your little one's sensitive skin itchy, irritated, and rashy. Made with 100% velour terry cotton, these reusable multipurpose wipes are soft and will last for years and years!

There may be a few additions, but those are the wonderful sponsors who have chosen to participate in my Blogmania event! I'm so excited and can't wait for September 15th!

Here's your chance to earn 5 additional entries for my Blogmania event! 

Place my Blogmania "An All-Natural Baby Party" Button (html code is below) on your blog and Fill-Out This Form To Qualify for the extra entries! I will be checking! Then when you enter my event giveaway(s), you can add in your 5 entries! The button must be placed on your blog before September 15th to receive the 5 extra entries!


Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

I'm so sorry I missed the boat on this one but I just got into blogging about the time of the deadline.

Thanks for linking up on Relax & Surf Sunday I'm not following you. Can't wait for Blog Mania to begin

earthlymama said...

Thanks for following Colleen! :) You still have time for the extra 5 entries! Keep in touch!

One Southern Girl said...

Roxanne... I wasn't sure if I should include where on the blog I put your blogmania button in the google doc... But, it's under Blogmania! :)

I'm looking forward to it!

fancygrlnancy said...

got it.. can't believe I almost missed it..

Momma Teri said...

YEAH I filled out the form and have your button too!

Emily said...

Got it! Hope you will stop by and check out my extra entries.

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