Green Blog Hop

Ok, so I have neglected this wonderful blog hop for a few weeks now and am trying to keep up with it from now on! I promise! :) This blog hop will link you to some other wonderful eco-conscious blogs and friends! Hosted by Going Green With Noah, you just click on the link (or the button above) to find all the other blogs that also write blogs about green living, an organic lifestyle, and other interesting posts about life and family! I've found some interesting posts and many new blogs to follow. Take a look and enjoy. If you have a green blog, link yours up, too!

Have a Wonderful Green Wednesday and Week!


Render Me Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by the Green Hop! I am following back!

Meghan said...

Hey Render Me Mama just told me you were from Jasper. I grew up in Ellijay! I'm following now. I have lots of friends up in Jasper!

Elena White said...

Hi! I found you on the Green Blog Hop! I love that you have great giveaways. Please check out my blog when you get a minute (Life the Green Way- www.lifethegreenway.org).

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