Great Kellogg's Deals : Coupons & FREE Reusable Bag

Kellogg's Coupons and Savings
Hi, everyone! If you are like me, you take your weekly shopping run on the weekend. So, now's the time to gather up coupons and get ready. Kellogg's has a great offer going on right now- you just sign up for their newsletter to receive over $12 in coupons AND more special offers.The coupons include Kellogg's cereals, Special  K bars, and pie crusts. It also says you will receive more special offers in the near future. Yay!
AFTER you purchase 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal, go HERE to print out your PDF for your adorable FREE Kellogg's cereal reusable bags as part of their Earth Day promotion!  I love them! You can choose from Toucan Sam, Tony Tiger, or Dig em'!

Have an awesome weekend! 
Thanks Being A Dandelion Blog for the free bag idea! 


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