Create The Trip Of A Lifetime With Microsoft OneNote 2010

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A few weeks ago, I was selected to review Microsoft OneNote 2010, an amazing computer program combining multiple capabilities to create the ultimate information resource. Here's a little about it...

What is Microsoft OneNote 2010?

It is a digital notebook which provides you a place to gather your notes, pictures, plans, ideas, and other information with many, many added benefits. Besides being able to very quickly find what you are looking for, you can share notebooks with others, which allows you to get feedback on your ideas and work more effectively with others!

Microsoft OneNote offers you something paper-based systems, word processing programs and other productivity programs cannot, offering the ability to manage your pictures, web links and pages, your text, and more all in your digital notebook. Who knew you could do so much, so easily, all with one program? OneNote increases productivity by keeping all pertinent information at your fingertips without having to search across all of your other programs, emails, and files!  

My Experience

To put Microsoft One Note 2010 to the test, I created a TripBook for a 24-hour trip to Amsterdam, NL! It's one of my very favorite places to visit and I wanted to show just how easy it could be to not only organize information for the trip, but to plan out an itinerary with OneNote. I immediately realized how easy it would be to not only organize information, but to make my TripBook look nice and professional just by the click of a few buttons!

The first thing I did was find a little information on Amsterdam. The great thing about OneNote was that it added an option on my toolbar within IE to automatically take information I wanted from a website directly to my TripBook! Can you imagine just  how much time that saves by not having to cut, paste, and edit each little part? You can also add pictures and videos this way! I was able to compile my trip ideas, from hotels and B&Bs to restaurants and museums, very easily so I could review options and decide which I wanted to stick with in the end.

Here's a screen clipping from one of my TripBook pages on accomodations:

Having never worked with Microsoft OneNote, I was worried about my ability to figure it out, but it was very simple. I don't think I am very tech savvy, but I had no issues figuring it out and having fun with all the features. I started out looking at my TripBook as a job, but, by the end, I was adding in all kinds of features, like videos, pictures, and even drawing, just because it was so easy and fun! I could not only link text to other websites, but I could also link text to other pages within my TripBook. That was an awesome feature and made it much easier for me to reference corresponding information!

I loved working with Microsoft OneNote 2010 and highly recommend the program. It's so user-friendly and helped me plan an educational, fun 24-hour trip to Amsterdam in a way no other program could.

Be sure to check out my TripBook for Amsterdam at OneNote TripBook . Let me know what you think!

Have you tried OneNote yet? Have an upcoming trip? You should give it a try, for sure!

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