10 Ways To Reuse Your Plastic Easter Eggs!

 I was just looking around facebook and found a link to an awesome post by TrashN2Tees about ways to reuse your plastic easter eggs! It made me think about other ways to make those once-yearly items useable year-round. Here are some great ideas!

10 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Easter Eggs

  1. Use The Plastic Eggs for Art Projects! It's time to put that creativity to good use. Make all sorts of animals using plastic eggs. What else can you make?
  2. Use the eggs for a dinosaur excavation site with the kids. Can they find the hidden dinosaurs around the house, in the dirt, or in the sandbox? Fill the eggs with dinosaurs or other goodies!
  3. Birthday party games- Hide the eggs in sandbox or even have an Easter egg hunt again! Kids don't care what time of year it is! An Easter egg hunt is always welcomed, especially when the eggs are filled with goodies. The upside? Other kids take the plastic eggs home. LOL!
  4. Make them into air fresheners for smelly places. Poke a few holes in the top of the egg. Place pieces of old potpourri, artificial flowers, etc. inside the egg. Put a few drops of essential oils (lavender, tea tree oil or other oils with antimicrobial properties would be great) on the inside items, close egg and place in smelly area! I think a laundry basket would be perfect for this or in the trashcan. If you want to go all out, make air fresheners with gelatin.
  5. Store small items inside of them! I love the idea TrashN2Tees had to place jewelry inside when traveling to keep from getting tangled. 
  6. Travel-size ideas: make a small on-the-go sewing kit or even make your own lip gloss!
  7. Donate the eggs to a church or another organization that can make use of the eggs. Some organizations use them each year for huge Easter egg hunts while others can use them for arts & crafts with kids! 
  8. Fill the eggs with beans to make shakers for the kids! Be sure to glue the sides of the eggs together for this project because the beans can spill out all over the place and make a huuuge mess. Believe me. My friend Wanda uses her plastic bottles to make shakers for her granddaughter. 
  9. Make them into coin carriers for your purse! I don't know how many times I've had to dig through my purse just to find a nickle or some pennies. This way you know exactly where your change is!
  10. Surprise snack for little ones. Do you pack your children's lunchboxes? Surprise them with a special treat or snack using the plastic eggs! The kids will be delighted.


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