Giveaways & The Summer Block Party Announcement

Hi, everyone! I wanted to appologize for the lack of giveaways listed lately. I've been saving them up for a huge event beginning on May 24th! It's the Summer Block Party. I'm participating with 14 other blogs and it will go all the way until the first day of summer, June 21st! Even better? There will be a giveaway listed EVERY DAY! Woo! You'll see a huge amount of baby, children, and even Mama items reviewed and up for grabs. I promise it will all be worth the wait...

But don't worry! I'm still posting up a few giveaways by the end of the week. We've been busy with family and visiting relatives this week for Spring Break so, I'm just a wee bit behind. I'll write an official post about the Summer Block Party as soon as I find out more about definite sponsors and all that good stuff. Stay tuned!


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