Upcoming December 1st Events!

Hi, everyone! I have 2 upcoming events that will be going on at the same time!! I just wanted to give you a heads up on them. I'll also be listing early entry options and reviews for the next few days.Here's a little info about both:

A Merry Fluffy Christmas- Dec 1-5th

A cloth diaper event with a new giveaway each day! Only cloth diapers and cloth diaper related items will be part of the giveaways.

Holiday Gift Giveaway Blog Hop - Dec 1-5th

One Huge giveaway per blog with only gift cards and gift credits as the giveaways! My giveaway will have over $100 worth of fun gift cards for the entire family! There will be many blogs participating so, get ready to register!

I'll also continue listing my usual giveaways and review, too! We have lots going on around here. Don't forget to register for the $50 Amazon.com giveaway!


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