The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving: The California Wine Club

Have you ever been to a wine tasting session? For someone who loves wines, this can be such a fun experience. You get to try several different types of wines and can experience all the different flavors and notes. When I was in Germany, I had the pleasure of visiting a winery and it was amazing! We tasted several Rieslings, some of which had been aged for many years. Now that I am a mom, traveling to Europe for months at a time is just not doable, but for wine lovers around the U.S. there is another way to experience different wines each month.

With the California Wine Club, members can receive many different full bottles of wine to sample every single month!There are actually four different wine clubs from which to choose. Here are the great choices:
1. The Premiere Club- This is the most popular club (and makes a great holiday gift), which includes two bottles of wine each month and a 12-page issue of the publication, Uncorked, featuring great articles about wine, tasting notes, recipes and more. This club costs $49.95 per month plus shipping and handling.
2. The Signature Series- This club is especially for collectors and connoisseurs and includes two-four bottles. The pricing for this club starts at $150.
3. International Selections- Members of this club receive two bottles from smaller boutique wineries around the world. (I would love this one. Hint! Hint!) Membership costs between $65-80 a month.
4. Aged Cabernet Series- Club members receive two delicious bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa's most prestigious wineries and the cabs are aged 8-12 years.This level of membership costs $150-$235 a month.

I love that they have a club starting at only $49.95! This is a perfect holiday gift for those who love wine and who enjoy receiving unique presents. They would never imagine receiving a fun gift like this.

We received membership to the Premiere Club for two months and have received our first 2 bottles of wine. Let me just say they are absolutely mouthwatering! I love both white and red wines, so I was excited to receive one of each to review. I was wondering how these would get safely delivered to our home and this picture shows you how. I was impressed how well the wines were packaged and packed in the box for delivery.
We received both the 2009 Robledo Family Winery Seven Brothers Napa Valley Tempranillo and the 2008 Robledo Family Winery Seven Brothers Lake Country Sauvignon Blanc. I'd honestly never had a Tempranillo before and loved the oak flavor to it. I am a huge red wine fan and this reminded me of a Cabernet, but seemed a bit lighter.
 The Sauvignon Blanc was a very light wine, great with our chicken pasta dinner one night. I could taste the fruity notes and think this would be a great wine for a hot summer evening. Both were impressive, from the bottling to the flavor. I would definitely purchase these again and am excited to find new wines that I enjoy. These would be great for a dinner or holiday party, too. You don't have to be a wine connoisseur or know much about wine at all to sample them. It's just pure fun and, when you find a wine you like, it's something you can share with others.

Take a look at the California Wine Club and see what all they have to offer for the upcoming holidays! If this looks like a gift you would enjoy, it's time to start dropping hints like me so you can start receiving your wine next month.

Be sure to "Like" the California Wine Club on Facebook and Follow on Twitter. Come back next month for a California Wine Club $50 Gift Credit Giveaway!! You don't want to miss that one. 

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.


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