Keeping Kids Safe Around Heaters

Well, the winter season is here and my blanket no longer seems to be able to provide sufficient warmth for me to get through the day – that, and the fat that the rest of the family complain about it being cold as well! Purchasing a heater or radiator in preparation for the cold months ahead could be one of the most useful purchases you make for yourself and for your family however when there are kids in the household, the issue of safety arises as well so consider these tips when installing a heater in your house.

Place it where little hands can’t get to it

A simple enough idea but it’s surprising how many people overlook it when selecting a location for their heater. Make sure the heater is out of reach of children because if they can’t get to it then they have no chance of tampering with it and possibly hurting themselves. If you have a shelf which is sufficiently capable of housing something as large as your heater then that would be a good place to put it. Other than this, you can look around your house to identify spots that would be hard for a child to reach but whatever you do, just make sure the heater is placed next to a mains socket – a wire running from one end of the room to the other is quite clearly dangerous and could make your efforts to make your heater child proof counter-productive.

Opt for Non-conductive covers

If it’s an electric heater you’ve purchased, then why not pay that little bit extra and opt for one with non-conductive covers. Non-conductive covers block off any areas which are dangerously hot. No matter where you place your heater, chances are, the kids will get to it one way or another since children are ‘explorers’! If they can’t immediately reach it or touch it, they want it even more installing non-conductive covers will mean that if your children do end up touching your electric heater, they will feel a soothing warmth rather than a burning heat.  The downside to this solution of course is that your room will have a reduced level of heat but the potential safety benefits may just make this option worth it. Let us know if you think non-conductive covers on electric heaters are a good idea in the comments section.  

Considerations before purchasing the heater

Taking suitable precautions once the heater has been installed is all well and good but keeping safety in mind before purchasing a heater can make life a lot simpler when it comes to keeping your kids safe around a heater. Looking for a heater with an automatic off switch would be a good place to start. This would ensure that the heater automatically switches itself off in case any meddling hands give it a push and tipple it over. Also, consider a heater which heats the air above it rather than something that lets out heat near the bottom of the heater where a child could possibly put their hand.

After reading the above article, a general rule must have started to emerge - use common sense when installing a heater. Try to think about what a child could do to hurt themselves with your heater and how you can prevent that.

BIO: These safety tips were given on behalf of Economy Radiators who specialize in heaters and radiators.


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