Webkinz: A New & Exciting Way For Kids To Play With Stuffed Animals

Josiah, my five year old, is very curious about the world around him and absorbs everything he sees and hears. His cousin, Michael, enjoys playing computer games and the older Josiah gets, the more he likes them, too. Being a mom who grew up in the 80s, they are so many new and awesome toys on the market these days, unlike anything we could ever even imagine back then. For example, have your children every played with Webkinz?

Michael has several Webkinz, but I never knew exactly what they were until recently, when we received two of the cutest little stuffed animals! We received the Rooster Webkinz and the Rockin' Bunny Webkinz. Not only are the Webkinz stuffed animals, but each of them contain a special code just for you to use via Webkinz World! Enter the code and interact with not only your animal, but others.
I made an account for the boys then we began the adoption process for their rabbit. I love how easy this was for the kids to understand and Josiah could do most of it by himself as the Goose told him what to do. If he could read, he could do it completely by himself, but I enjoyed being able to participate, too, and was curious. The boys were both huddled around the computer watching every second of it and Liam was especially excited about the Goose talking to him through each step. It was so cute!
 Liam decided on the name of our "Rocker Rabbit" and, so his name is now officially Petit (prounounced Pet-It) since he thought it was soft and like to pet it. Such a silly boy! After we named the bunny, we could read his biography.

Then came the final step! We officially adopted Petit! Liam and Josiah both love stuffed animals, so this is such a great way for them to interact with them via the computer.

Once these steps were finished, we could login to Webkinz World for the fun to really begin! This is when you can interact with your own pet, decorate, dress it up and much more. You can also meet other kids playing the game (or you can turn this feature off if you prefer).
Liam loves the rooster, which he named Doodle!
Josiah got to work on his own page first, which can be designed just the way he wants. The more you play on the Webkinz World website, the more you can learn about the games and things you can do. You can earn badges, too. I'm sure there is much more that we will find over the next few months because Josiah did not want to get off of the computer each time we played on the website! I can't blame him. It is really a fun way to play with stuffed animals and something I can do with the kids, too.
Josiah's page so far!
Not only can you play with Webkinz on the Webkinz World website, but you can also play via Facebook and now there is also an awesome new Webkinz Friends iPad App, so you can play on the go, too!

We've had a great time playing with our Webkinz so far and I know there is more fun to come... probably tomorrow morning since Josiah has asked every single day for play time with his Webkinz. He's never played with a toy like this before, so this is very new to him and he's very curious to learn more. Webkinz would make an awesome holiday gift for children 5+ and a great way to introduce them to the world of computer games and the fun they can have!

Have your children adopted a Webkinz yet? If so, tell me what they think! If not, this is definitely an item to consider this holiday season!

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


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