Providing the Best For Your Child: Hospital for Special Surgery

 I love my children and only want the best for them in all things life has to offer. My son Liam has needed specialized medical care from the day he was born and finding the right doctor's for him has been my number one goal since then. Liam was a preemie and struggled to breath on his own for several days, having to be intubated and monitored closely in the NICU. After being released, we found he had several other issues: allergies, eczema, digestion, etc. These are just some more usual issues for children, but then we found out he had Neurofibromatosis. This disorder is become more familiar with doctors, as more children are diagnosed with NF. For this reason, Liam has a series of doctors we visit: his neurologists, oncologists, surgeons, pediatric ophthalmologists, and more. He has seen his share of specialized care and we are so grateful for everything they have helped us through over the past 2 years.

My son is currently going through chemotherapy and the doctors and nurses are absolutely amazing. They have dedicated their lives to helping others and seem especially caring when children are the patients. It's so important to find the best doctors when your child is going through such difficult challenges. Picking the right doctor really does make a difference for your child and your own piece of mind.
Before one of Liam's surgeries last month. He was having a great time, thanks to the doctors and nurses spoiling him!
As a mom who continues to run the gambit of testing with my son, I have only two pieces of advice.
1. Educate yourself on your child's condition. Be prepared when going to visit your specialist and have questions ready.

2. Breath! As I sit here talking about chemo and hospital visits, I feel my muscles tensing. It's so important as a parent to take some time out for yourself, even if only for a quite bath. Breath and think positive thoughts. Don't forget yourself. I know how easy it is to put children before myself (I think we do it most of the time), so do something for you occasionally.
Speaking of wanting the best for your children, Hospital for Special Surgery is a world leader in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation. Located in New York City, HSS recently opened the CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center at the Children's Pavilion providing comprehensive, individualized rehab for both inpatients and outpatients from birth to 21 years. It's multidisciplinary staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists!

I am amazed at how my the Hospital for Special Surgery does for the pediatric field, treating approximately 20,000 children in 2011! Finding a place dedicated to children, with doctors who do their best each and every day to help others, just warms my heart. Be sure to watch the video
above to learn more about the Hospital for Special Surgery.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hospital for Special Surgery. A small donation to a charity of my choice was made in my name as a thank you for participating. You should consult with your physician or other health care provider before beginning any rehabilitation/therapy, sports training, or exercise program.


Danielle Harper said...

Liam is lucky to have a strong momma like you..... you seem to be so on top of things and calm. You are such a wonderful mama. Hugs.

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