Whole Body Workout At Home

So you want a flatter stomach and think just focusing on your abs will make that happen. Do you
wonder why you don’t see the results you want, and then give up?
Well something you may never have been told is that to lose weight and tone up requires you to
work the whole body. Yes it’s not the answer you wanted but it is achievable and at the comfort of
your own home. The trick is that the more muscles you work the more calories you burn.
Things you’ll need:

To banish that muffin top work on different sets with your abs and increase your reps when the
routine becomes too easy.
Plank- You will need to hold the plank for at least 30 seconds and then release.

Mountain climbers- this will work the core muscles of your stomach which will then strengthen it.

Bicycle crunch –twist your body so your elbows touch your knees and break down reps of 15-20 with
slower bicycle crunches.
Leg lifts- Begin with 15 reps on each leg and then repeat once, then on your next work out build up
your routine by 5-10 sets.
Squats- Many people think that the quicker you do a squat the quicker the results, this is a myth. By
moving slowly you will tone up more. To break down the squats do a set of 4 squats then 4 bottom
halves and repeat all the way through a 3-4 minute song.
Lunges- When performing your lunges exercise it important to perfect this technique rather than
injure yourself. Do 15 -20 reps on each leg depending on you are used to lunges. Then add reps as
you progress.
Triceps dip- use the edge of your chair and put the palm of your hands on the edge of seat. Sit at a
90 degree angle and slowly go down breathing equally.
Press ups- This another great exercise because as well as the arms it works muscles around the body.
If you need to use your knees for support then do so. Slowly build your strength so you can hold a
press up without the support of your knees.
If you are not a runner by nature then build yourself up, use the stairs to run up and down in.
Whether you are carrying your washing, new clothes then run up the stairs at every opportunity
you get. If you use public transport a lot then get off a stop or two early and brisk walk. Waiting for
dinner to heat up then don’t waste time jog on the spot for 30 seconds then up to a minute and so
If you are someone who snacks a lot during the day then make sure it is all healthy and filling. Add
yoghurt (vanilla flavour will add a nice taste) with strawberries, bananas and berries. Being healthy
does not have to be boring, but spoil yourself once a week with your guilty foods.
Author bio: This post was written by Shehla Ali on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness the UK’s leading
supplier of fitness equipment.


Shannon Ro said...

I don't have time to go to a gym so I appriciate the tips to work in exercise into my everyday lifestyle at home. Thank you!

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